British Forum for Ethnomusicology and Thursday Night @ Uptown

I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting my thesis at the British Forum of Ethnomusicology in Sheffield next week. My thesis was entitled "The Application of Traditional Korean Modal Principles to Contemporary Improvised Music", and I essentially studied the modes and concepts found in Traditional Korean Folk Music, and combined these with some jazz methods of harmonic alteration to devise a new suite of music. Which, in all honesty, I've looked at very little since graduating. With that being said, the modes and concepts that I studied keep coming through my more recent work in new and surprising ways.

It has been great digging the thesis up and looking at the music again in preparation for my presentation. Sometimes when you are working on something so intensely, you lose sight of what you've done. It's the analogy of being up too close to a wall you've painted. I've had enough time away now to take a step back and see the wall in it's entirety from an outsiders' perspective.

Overall, it's pretty good music. I find it challenging, creative and unique - to my ears anyway. It's time I put my insecurities around the music aside and perform it again, when I get back to Melbourne. 

This week though, I am playing at Uptown Jazz Cafe on Brunswick Street with my trio featuring Hiroki Hoshino and Maria Moles. This is one project that kind of evolved out of my honours study, and I use some similar ideas in a less obvious way. We play a very rhythm-oriented kind of modal jazz. 

Maybe come down, check out some original music and say farewell.