Josh Kelly Trio

The Josh Kelly Trio is a modal, rhythmic, and spiritual jazz endeavour exploring Josh’s compositions in the stripped back and raw context of the saxophone trio. Featuring some of Melbourne’s most accomplished young improvisors, this group is possibly the most forward-thinking of Josh’s groups. Polyphonic lines between saxophone and double bass are dispersed with extended techniques leading the group into improvisations over looped rhythm-cycles. While there is a focus on innovation and ‘new’, this group has deep roots in modal music and spiritual folk music, openly drawing influence from traditional music practices of Africa and Korea to inform rhythm concepts. The band features:

Josh Kelly - Alto & Soprano Saxophone
James Mclean - Drum Kit
Marty Holubek - Double Bass

JK Group

Emerging out of the 30/70 collective, JK Group combines a jazz approach and attitude with the groove and rhythm aesthetic of break beat house music. Fronted by saxophonist Josh Kelly and featuring members of the collective with young jazz steward, Kade Brown.

Josh Kelly Quartet

A more 'traditional' jazz ensemble, this group is an outlet for Josh's contemporary jazz pieces in the classic quartet format of saxophone, piano, double bass and drum kit.

Josh Kelly - Alto Saxophone
Kade Brown - Piano
Hiroki Hoshino - Double Bass
Hugh Harvey - Drum Kit

March to Izbica

Recipient of the 2017 Lebowskis Development Residency, Josh extrapolated the ideas of his trio into a large, 11-piece ensemble.


Josh's electric jazz ensemble which draws influence heavily from electronica and folk music.