New Projects Debut

This is an exciting week because I am debuting not one, but two new projects.

'Bloom' take the stage on Tuesday night at the Toff to perform at their Tuesday music series, Now Here This. Bloom is a project of mine that performs instrumental jazz with a focus on electronics and rock/electronic/cinematic influenced harmony. I have been working on this project on and off for about two years, writing the songs at home but never really performing them. We will also be supported by my good friends Alfalfa with their neo-soul grooves, as well as DJ Maxwell from Groove Control. And there is an open jam at the end of the night. Lots of bang for your buck!

Secondly, I am excited to announce that I am a successful recipient of the third Lebowskis Development Residence Series. I will be performing a new large ensemble work entitled 'March to Izbica' in commemoration of my great grandfather and his family who perished in Nazi Germany. The first of three gigs over six months takes place this Sunday at Lebowskis (Cross Street, East Brunswick). Keep an eye on this space for news on how this project develops.

For further details on the above gigs, see my Facebook page.