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March to Izbica - Lebowskis Development Residency

March to Izbica is a new large ensemble work by Melbourne-based alto saxophonist, Josh Kelly. The piece serves as a vehicle to explore rhythmic improvisation in the large ensemble context through a series of pre-composed rhythm cycles that are framed by sections of free improvisation and arranged in real time by the performers. Taking influence from the intricate rhythmic music of Steve Coleman and the ‘Five Elements’, John Coltrane’s Ascension, and the layered polytonal traditional Korean music of Sinawi; this is a highly energetic, complex and expressive piece of music that allows for plenty of improvisational freedom.

The suite is entitled March to Izbica in commemoration of my great grandfather who, under Nazi rule, was separated from his family and deported from his hometown in Germany, to the Nazi Ghetto Izbica in Poland, where he perished during the Holocaust.

Trumpet: Pat Thiele & Reuben Lewis
Alto Saxophone: Joshua Kelly & Cheryl Durongpisitkul
Tenor Saxophone: Scott McConnachie & Shaun Rammers
Bass Clarinet: Tony Hicks
Trombone: James Macaulay
Double Bass: Hiroki Hoshino & Tamara Murphy
Drum Kit: Ronny Ferella & Ziggy Zeitgeist

We are lucky enough to share this residency with Scandinavia's Greatest Hits featuring the wonderful saxophonist Holly Moore with fellow 30/70 family member Jarrod Chase.

16-22 Cross Street East Brunswick
Doors 5pm
$5/$10 on door

Earlier Event: December 11
TeeeM @ Lebowskis
Later Event: February 28
Bloom @ The Toff in Town