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The Sugarfoot Ramblers @ Geelong Jazz Club

Playing clarinet with a great local young trad-jazz band, the sugarfoot ramblers! Filling in for the wonderful Jon Hunt.

The Sugarfoot Ramblers are a group of young musicians from Melbourne who have studied and played contemporary jazz styles, but also share a love of traditional jazz.  After spending time in New Orleans, Travis Woods and Daniel Berry decided to form this band to explore the classic traditional jazz repertoire. 

Travis says, “We all love the music of Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Duke Ellington and Jelly Roll Morton, as well as local legends and personal heroes, The Red Onions and The Hoodangers.  So that’s the music we enjoy playing in this band.”

Travis Woods - Trumpet
Josh Kelly - Clarinet/Soprano Sax
James Macaulay - Trombone
Matt Hayes - Banjo
Jonathan Brown - Double Bass
Daniel Berry - Drum Kit