Josh Kelly Trio

A trio lead by Melbourne saxophonist, Josh Kelly, which draws influence from two pivotal movements in jazz from the late 50’s: modal jazz and free jazz. Ideas from each movement are used to inform contemporary jazz compositions that are rooted in these traditions, but expand on them through extended harmonic and rhythmic tools influenced by the modern Melbourne and New York jazz scenes. The music is written over set rhythmic and modal frameworks, to allow the trio to embellish and expand on rhythms and counterpoint melodies over many repeats. The rhythm cycles, or grooves are influenced by jazz and traditional folk music, including African and traditional Korean music. The band features:

Josh Kelly – Alto Saxophone
Hiroki Hoshino – Double Bass
Maria Moles – Drum Kit

Selected Track:

Josh Kelly Quartet

A more 'traditional' jazz ensemble, this group is an outlet for Josh's contemporary jazz pieces in the classic quartet format of saxophone, piano, double bass and drum kit.

Josh Kelly - Alto Saxophone
Kade Brown - Piano
Hiroki Hoshino - Double Bass
Hugh Harvey - Drum Kit

Selected Track:
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Josh's electric jazz ensemble which draws influence heavily from electronica, rock and groove based music. 

Selected Track:

When Flowers Could Speak

Josh's solo saxophone project of Josh Kelly that utilises rhythmic groupings combined with extended techniques (overtones and multiphonics) through circular breathing.